Event Timing Services

We use the revolutionary Jaguar Chip Timing System to time running and biking events all over the southwest.

Advanced Chip Technology - The ITS Jaguar system uses a disposable timing chip that can be attached to a race bib, bike helmet, ankle strap, wet suit, tennis shoe, etc.  The disposable chip requires no battery...is lighter than a feather...and has a built in microprocessor that ensures maximum reads even during the most challenging of conditions.  Talk about powerful...unlike older systems that can only read the chip at short distances, our chips are so powerful they can be read from as far as 25 feet away!   Need to time a cycling race where mats simply can't be used?  No problem with Jaguar.  And remember the best part of all...because our timing chips are inexpensive and disposable, you don't have to hassle with collecting them at the end of the race.

We have the capability to time all kinds of events with the newest line of chips from www.innnovativetimingsystems.com, the Jaguar G-chip and the Jaguar T-chip.  Motorcycles, cars, whatever..... no problem with Jaguar!

Just click on the mail button to ask us about timing for your event.