What type of riding do you offer?
Our rides are XC (cross-country). We can configure your outing to your skill and fitness levels.
What are the terrain and trails like?
We have amazing diversity in trails in our area. We offer wide and gently sloped railroad bed, forest roads, twisty single track, rock gardens, and everything in between.
Do I need mountain bike experience?
No. But you do need to be comfortable riding a bicycle. We tailor your ride to your experience and skill level.
How long is a 1/2 Day Adventure?
You are away from your hotel for 4 hours. Your time out on the trail is generally 2 hours.
How long is a Full Day Adventure?
You are away from your hotel for 7 hours. Your time out on the trail is generally 5 hours.
Do I need a day pack?
Only if you want one. You will be provided with bottled water, and your guide will carry extra water and snacks for your group. On Full Day Trips, your guide carries lunch for your group as well.
Do I need to bring a first aid kit?
Only if you want to. Our guides carry a first aid kit and are trained in first aid and CPR. If you have a condition that requires specific medical attention, you must notify us when booking your reservation to insure we are prepared.
Are my valuables safe in your vehicle during my Adventure?
We lock our vehicles, however, we suggest you do not leave anything of value in our vehicles. Nationwide there have been increased burglaries of vehicles parked at trailheads. We are not responsible for anything left in our vehicles.
What if I have special dietary needs?
If you have any special dietary needs, please notify us when you book your Adventure so that we can make the necessary adjustments, if possible.
Should I bring my own snacks?
Your guide will provide you with snacks, however, you are welcome to bring your own favorite "must have" snacks.
What are the tipping guidelines?
Guests often ask us for guidelines on tipping the guides. Our experienced guides are there to meet all your expectations, and they appreciate gratuities. Tipping, however, is always at our guests discretion.
What if I have additional questions?
Please email us and we would be happy to answer your questions.
What type of clothing is recommended?
Lightweight, quick-drying fabrics are preferred. Cotton, especially denim, is not recommended as it retains heat and moisture. After we have confirmed your reservation, we will email you a list of recommended clothing based on time of year and the Adventure you have chosen. Fully enclosed shoes are required. Sandals are not allowed on any of our Adventures.
How long is your season?
Our season is year round. This is all dependent on weather conditions and guide availability. Sometimes during the winter months there can be problems with snow and ice. Therefore, we ask for you to be flexible with us on this. Rest assured we will not run an Adventure if it is unsafe!
What happens if there is bad weather?
We have a pretty good idea of weather patterns in this area, so the decision to cancel an Adventure based upon what appears to be unsafe conditions is strictly our decision. This means that if we are seeing lightning or unsafe road or trail conditions due to heavy rainfall,  snow, etc. we will cancel the outing. Keep in mind that other than what was explained here, we will hit the trail rain or shine so come prepared for an Adventure!
What is the refund policy?
The only refunds that will be issued are if the guide decides to cancel your Adventure due to unsafe conditions. If this happens, you will have the choice between a full refund, or rebooking your Adventure for a different day.
What is your cancellation policy?
Groups of 6 or more must give one week notice of cancellation. All other groups must give 48 hours notice. If we do not receive this notice, you will be charged 100% of the reservation cost.
How much advance reservation time do you recommend?
The further in advance you request your Adventure the more likely you are to secure the date you want. We do accept last minute reservations as long as we have space and guides available. We highly recommend you book now!
How do I make an Adventure reservation?
You may request your Adventure reservation by emailing us. Once we have confirmed your reservation, we require a 50% deposit to lock your Adventure date in.
What else do you recommend we bring with us?
We recommend everyone bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. The Arizona sun can be relentless, even when the temperature is mild. Many guests bring cameras, but make sure you have a secure way to carry it. Our guides will be happy to take your picture on the trail! Binoculars are a common accessory on our hiking Adventures.
Can we bring our dog?
Sorry, the answer is no. As much as we love dogs too, we must think about the safety of all our guests, and a dog on the trail is a potential hazard to our group as well as other people on the trail.
Are your Adventures right for my fitness level? How difficult are they?
Each adventure is different and is geared toward your skill and fitness levels. They range from mild to extreme. And although you should always consult your doctor before engaging in any new physical activity, anyone in good physical condition should be able to participate in one of our adventures.
What is the Jaquar Timing System?
The Jaquar Timing System is the latest technology in RFID electronic chip timing. Developed by Innovative Timing Systems, it uses a passive chip that is disposable. The system we use can time in excess of 2000 competitors at a single event.